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Download Frozen Planet 1969 - Electric Smokehouse (2017) Mp3 Songs
Download Frozen Planet 1969 - Electric Smokehouse (2017) Mp3 Songs
Sometimes, when I hear a guitar solo, I just want to make funny faces and play along on my awesome air guitar. You know, just freak the fuck out. If you and I share this penchant for weirdness, then take my word and check out Frozen Planet….1969. This power-jam-trio calls Australia their home but a listen to the music has me thinking that these dudes have some connection to aliens and what not. Whatever it is, these Aussies know something about the outer reaches of the solar system that we don’t, and they’re here to educate us. As the story goes, this album is entirely improvised. There was no pre-determined mission, no colossal ideas about when the crescendo would hit, nor was there any thought put into the length of the songs. The only thought that was put into this music was in the moment, and you know what, that moment was pretty sweet. download mp3 remix disco youtube barat 2015 dangdut mp3 remix indonesia 2016 Daftar Musik klasik Musik populer Jazz Gospel Blues Rhythm and blues Funk Rock Metal, hardcore trance Electronic Ska, Reggae, Dub Hip hop waptrick download lagu mp3 4share gratis stafa band Rap Download Kumpulan Lagu Terbaru Rapcore Pop Musik tradisional lagu anak-anak Latin Country house musik mp3 2016 dj terpopuler house music dugem 2017 Terbaru Download Lagu Mp3 Gratis, Free Download Mp3 Musik Hits, Gudang Lagu Mp3 Terbaru, Indie, Reggae, Dangdut, Melayu, Gothic Meta

 The chemistry between the players – Paul Attard on guitar, Lachlan Paine on bass and Frank Attard on drums – can be heard in each one of these cuts. In fact, it’s not only heard, its felt, and that’s what makes this record sound so great. The music is alive, it moves, it gels, and best of all, it’s both heavy and psychedelic. Knowing that these three guys from down under just shook these tunes from their sleeve has me thinking that they’re pretty talented individuals with a keen sense of what being a band is all about. Frozen Planet….1969 is fully instrumental, completely improvised and full on intergalactic. Seriously, like nothing I have ever experienced before outside of a certain psychotropic. Just an insane carnival ride through multiple dimensions that you don't want to end or you do want it to end or your not sure if it is ever going to end and you are going to be stuck like this forever. One way or the other your life will never be what it was when it's done.

1. Ascendant
2. Supersaturation
3. Shores Of Oblivion
4. Sonic Egg Factory
5. Pretty Blown Fuse
Title : Download Frozen Planet 1969 - Electric Smokehouse (2017) Mp3 Songs
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